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 November 2017

1. HUD counseling list for MD updated by the State of Maryland.  Page 1 of the this form remains the same so it is not updated or attached.  This was effective as of 2015 and may not be the current list but it is the most recent version from the state.  This is redundant with HUD lists but the state still carries this form so we will update when they do at MBs request. 

 2. URLA:  in July 2019 the new URLA (Fannie- Freddie form 1003/65) goes into effect.   These supercede the 1003draft series and there are many changes in text, design and data placement. There are additional alternate versions and addendums,.  Examples of alternative versions are additional borrower and lender only pages. 

3. H-27 Itemization with cost estimates header removed as it now allowed by the CFPB.

 4. Indiana Brokers Agreement updated

5. Maine Assignment form for simultaneous MERS first and second liens added.

6.TX Security Instruments- update for foreclosure language.

7. TX Heloc - ARM notes and Riders to add Freddie Mac to taglines on certain ARM plans.  Other TX Heloc form changes anticipated due to law change but awaiting guidance from Texas regulators and Fannie/Freddie. Stqte Lanuage recieived and updated, waiting on Fannie Freddie.

8.MSDHA- SFH117 Request Funds updated.


7. Washington Bond Program.  Pre-close Checklist updated.
 October 2017

1. VA Report and Certification- substantial text changes leading to changes in layout of data.  Please note that the references to the HUD-1 are from VA and we cannot change them.  Forms 26-1820 - two pages attached.


2. VA VOE ( 26-8497)- VA allows for the  use of the conventional VOE and VOD so we do not carry.


3. State Maryland removing requirement for preparers certification but we are awaiting the new notary format, the certificate may still be use although not required.


4. New Jersey SS12NJ- Application Addendum for Civil Unions in New Jersey.  Shipped earlier this month and added to inventory at client’s request.


5. URLA New Pending:  this month the CFPB announced a new change to the revised URLA which will ask the applicant in which language they would like the application to be taken.  Now it may end up as an addendum and does not mean the lender must honor the applicant’s preference.  This is not effective for year or two or more and we will have to wait for Fannie and Freddie to issue the change on their form.

 September 2017

1. Fannie Freddie released the revision the URLA demographic addendum page and announced the 2019 mandatory use date timeline for the revised URLA.  This recent  change was result of CFPB tweaks and changes in HDMA, ECOA. The Spanish version was  updated  too. The change was the expansion of choice of Ethnicity selection. The CFBP sample form( useful  for those who don't use the URLA )also revised.

 New Maine Rider, Fannie and Freddie have finally released the Rider to be used instead of the Maine MERS (MOM) security instruments.


Important Notice:   Last week Fannie and Freddie announced details for the E Note and E Mortgage implementation.  In early 2019 all Notes will be required to be E- Notes in lieu of paper.  In addition to the dataset requirements, text changes to existing notes will need to be made in the title,  tagline and an additional paragraph of text.

2. IRS forms - 4506T and 4506 forms both updated for minor changes in instructions and new revision dates.

 3. State Disclosures: We added NJ Addendum to Application for Civil Unions.  A disclosure/declaration was added at clients request so they can make certain they know that a partner to the applicant/borrower in a civil union had the same rights as a married spouse.  Although not required its a good idea to collect this information. 

August 2017

1. MCC005 - MCC Affidavit changed MDHDA form dates and some capitalization changes on page , layout changes on pages 2 and 3, the only text as the 4th line of page 2.


2. MCC-009 - Lender Cert, just the new date and capitalization and bolding.


3. IRS W-8 BEN - from 2/2014 version to 7/2017 version,  part 10 only change other than the date.


4. VA-  Request for Determination of Reasonable Value. 26-1805 form now July 2017 was 2014. A few changes will required programming but not a lot.  2 pages.


5. FEMA - Form 086-0-32 (was originally  81-93, updated) old versions still acceptable. Form 81-93.

JULY 2017

1.  HUD Form 50111,  which is the 184 Addendum to the URLA, we added this expired and obsolete form containing several typo errors within HUDs original , this was added to inventory at client request.

2.  MSHDA - Education Referral Form -  EDUREF updated and effective the minute was posted in July.

3.  WASHINGTON HOUSING-  Pre-close  and Post-closing checklists updated again in July and effective immediately.

4.  SSA89 - SS authorization to release SSN. Form updated for April and posted in June for minor changes in text.  There is a typo on bottom of page 2 we cannot correct as its part of the original release.

5. Seller Only Closing Disclosure- providing form now although its typically a settlement agent responsibility not the lenders.

6. DATACLT- form based on CFPB demographic addendum model updated for client who has elected to use this form rather the recent Fannie/Freddie demographic addendum to URLA  which will become part of the revised URLA page 7 in 2018.  

7. State Disclosures: 

SS08OH - updated in July for name change already shipped name change only. 

SS27CA- CA specific VRMD added to inventory

SS28CA - CA specific Product Comparison.  Same as above we added at clients request. 

SS05VA - Added to inventory a state specific Right to copy of Appraisal for Virginia, covered elsewhere but this is most succinct.

SS06VA - Added for brokers who provide preapproval to client who need the disclosure in Virginia Administrative Code section 5-160-20(5). 


JUNE, 2017


1. MSHDA - MCC-001 updated and effective immediately

2. 8 new state specific disclosures added at clients request


MAY, 2017


1. HUD: 9548G 203K Lead Agreement - one page attached 9548g, OMB date updated, effective immediately.

2. Washington Bond Program:

A.) Stacking Order Sheet updated two pages STACK-1, STACK-2.effective immediately

B.) Preclosing Checklist just updated and effective immediately, PRECLCHECK-1, PRECLCHECK-2

C.) PostclosingChecklist just updated and effective immediately, POSTCHECK ( which also updated last month and replaced the 2 page form)

3. Washington- Notary effective 7/1/2018 but technically not before that time so that's over a year from now. Washington adopted the uniform short form format for Notary.
4. We will send the NC Deeds of Trust page 1 changes with prompts for prepared and return address tomorrow.Cleints was dropping the data on the last page- which is no longer acceptable in NC.
April 2017
1. I am shipping the month end updates early as VA updated its Loan Application ( 26-1802a) which is of course the joint URLA addendum 92900A. 92900NEW-1 to -4. Attached, The new VA revision date is 2/2017), VA also has an update OMB date and the form was changes to added to Mortgagee on several sign lines. Effective immediately.
2. Washington Bond - Statement of Tax Filing TAXSTATE updated and attached. 1 page. Also, Postcheck updated, it is now just one page so POSTCHECK replaces POSTCHECK- 1 and -2.
March 2017

1. FHA Settlement Agent certification - removed the "as prepared by language" so the agent does no longer has to strike out that phrase as allowed by HUD.

2. FHA Notes - Fixed change on the last page the paragraph reference from 13 to 14 to better align with security instrument, multistate and state specifics.

3. The updated VA Cert of Eligibility. 26-1880, minor text changes and perhaps some slight adjustments in data placement and page 3 we did not have in the previous version. 12/16 version posted by VA in mid-February, send now as its effective immediately.

4. Fannie Mae - 1017- Certificate of Housing Counseling added to inventory for all users.  Optional form, it is possibly mandatory if lender has nothing else to prove certification so we added to inventory.

5. MSHDA - Assignment SFH -102 minor change.

6. Washington Bond- Washington Bond Statement of Tax Filing TAXSTATE already shipped the signature area is new.

7. URLA we just received notice from Fannie Mae that we can remove the section x from the existing URLA and it can be replaced with the demographic addendum for 2017 and until the new URLA goes into effect.. This is to align HMDA and ECOA rules while using the URLA.

February 2017

1. VA the Determination of Eligibility - unmarried spouses was updated this form in February and it is now 2 pages and is effective immediately.

2. Indiana Property Tax Benefits form, updated for 2017, effective immediately. Form SS5IN-1 to - 6 attached.  No new programming.

3. NameA(CA)- altered to include "personally appeared" at the request of a client, we overrode other client who did not want the "personally appeared" hardcoded since the Suggested Notary Format does contain the words "personally appeared" and make this consistent with other CA notarized documents in inventory.  Already shipped.

4.  Home-style Contract Model form added to inventory form 3734.

5. SSA3288, also added to inventory at the request of client for Social Security verifications.

6 .Closing Disclosure FHA certification we added additional two signature lines for buyer and seller, which does not match the model form but we felt it was a harmless change requested by MB so we modified form

7.SS07MA, Mortgage Review Board we updated form at client request to match new website language changing the name of the telephone contact to Administrative Secretary rather than the Board Members and Administrative Secretary

January 2017
1. IRS form Interest Report 1098 for 2017 released and the last revision for 2016 was the July revision with no difference fromt the June revision other than the date itself.
2.MSHDA The Down Payment Assistance Mortgage SHF 100C four pages. 11-1 revision date, form posted this month.  DOH001 has a 11-16 revision although the website states 12-16.  SHF102 indicated on website a revision but the 1-14 version still up. 
That is all and the only big news is the FHA insurance rate, first it was lowered by 50 basis points but the new admistration overturned that descision.  We may or not have a change in the near future, but its will be big news so don't worry about missing it.
Thats all folks.
December 2016
Happy New Year!

December was a very slow month for form updates.

1. Freddie Mac Form 90, Verbal VOD. Modified to remove data prompts. Effective 3/06/17. Already shipped earlier this month
2. Addendum to Loan Application (California). SS22CA attached and added to inventory at clients request to clarify Domestic Partner rights in CA.
November 2016

1. Fannie/Freddie - form 3040 Rhode Island Mortgage and 3022 Massachusetts Mortgage updated 10/16 version for taglines last covenant changes, this impacted 10/16 FHA, VA MERS, Seconds as well.

2. FHA - Credit Application for Property Improvement Loan HUD 560001. Updates the revision date and OMB date only. NO remapping needing. Attached 4 pages 8/2016 version. Effective upon release a few weeks ago.

October 2016

1. Notice of Insurance Choice.- Client requested additional information on generic form thus creating two new state disclosures for Kansas and Minnesota SS04KS and ss04mn added.

2. 1003 Project. FFS work complete URLA changes are still influx due to changes in HMDA and such. Looks like 2018 effective date.

September 2016

1. MSHDA- 147 (rev. 8/16) page 2 updated for the notary format change.  

2. NC04 Insurance Choice - replaced the generic version in NC as the request of lender client as this is tailored to North Carolina's requirements.

3.  Fannie/Freddie - The URLA posted The primary compliance issues are safe harbor for ECOA and seemless tracking for HMDA.
August 2016

1. Termite NPCA 99b updated for 5/30/2018 OMB date.

2. Virginia Housing:  The clients asked for the updated MERS deed which we did not carry but apparently the MERS version is now required  so the 5 page VHDA-MERSDEED replaces the 5 page VHDA-DEED.

3. VA Loan Analysis 26-6393 June 2016 revision. 26-8261a updated as well.  Effective immediately.

4. Washington Housing: Preclose checklist updated effective immediately
July 2016

HUD/VA revisions. 

1. Request for Acceptance of Changes and Drawing and Specs.  VA form 26-1844/ HUD 92577, Page one only, the OMB date and the HUD revision date updates. 92577 attached.

2. Compliance Inspection Report -  updated form OMB number. VA form 26-1839 - two pages attached.

3. Verification of VA benefits:  26-8937 revised for June 2016 update.

4. VA Request for  Determination of reasonable Value 26-1805, two  pages updated for OMB and 2014 update

5 .FHA ARM Notes: Updated for Page one bold text to match Fannie/Freddie language.  FHAARN-1, FHAARNAK-1, FHAARNAL-4 (for missing word), FHAARNCN-1 (new for CEMA), FHAARNFL-1, FHAARNLA-1, FHAARNNH-1, FHAARNPA-1, FHAARNNV-1, FHAARNVA-1, FHAARNNV-1, FHAARNWI-1, FHAARNWV

6. FHA Notes - other 3213NEWCN-1new CEMA note page 1 FHA fixed rate.

7. VA   notes new for CEMA:  VAARMCN-01, GVAONECN-1, 3201cn-01

8. VA   notes for AL for correction - VAARMAL-4 and GVAONEAL-4


State Bond Program updates, we have a lot of them!  All are effective immediately!



1.  SFH117 - Data Sheet attached.

2.  MCC009 - Lender Certification 

3.  MCC006-  Income Certification

4.  EDUREF- Lender Referral for Education

5.  MCC001 - Request for MCC Commitment

6.   MCC008 - Closing Affidavit

7. MCC003 - Application Affidavit - 3 pages



1.  Seller Affidavit-  VHDA-exhibitF1 -2  - 2 pages

2.  Disclosure an Borrower Affidavit - VHDA- ExhibitE1-5  5 pages



File stacking sheet, this replaces the exiting FHA-CONVSTACK , VASTACK , USDASTACK all pages now STACK-1 THRU -5.  5 PAGES.


Status of other updates:


Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac:  Wisconsin security instrument already shipped. Fannie, Freddie and Fannie/Freddie Riders revised for 6/16 already shipped. No FHA or VA rider changes required.  Joint Fannie/Freddie Notes plus the PA revisions and AL corrections and Consolidated Note additions to inventory already shipped.  Freddie only and Fannie only notes still in design, 16 note plans in total yet to ship.   Freddie will be shipped this week and Fannie Notes in August. No VA note changes as there is no floor rate.  FHA notes only page 1 changes as the Section 4  Fannie/Freddie changes conflict with FHA model language.  .  ALL remaining CEMA notes and AL corrections will also be shipped with the remaining ARM notes revisions for 6/16.   The PA mortgages already shipped.   USDA - 3555-21 already shipped. Requested changes to the Adverse Action forms shipped.
June 2016

State Disclosures:


1. First up is the MIBOR has is now Obsolete.  The Michigan Bill of Rights the Consumer counseling disclosure which were combined on our MIBOR disclosure form not needed for applications taken after 6/13 , when MCL 445.1637 was repealed.

2.  SS04OH  MLOD for Ohio addendum updated on 6/24, we will ship once complete. Effective immediately

3. SS08MO, Missouri Rate Lock fee Agreement, we added upon request for a client who did not wish to use the generic.

4.   SS04 SC Mortgage Broker Fee Agreement - MB requested this to be added to inventory, We added ss04SC and shipped to Shannon earlier this month.

 New Form Added:

5. Statement of Military Annual Percentage Rate Disclosure, MAPR attached.  We added at the request of MortgageBuilders' compliance department. 


6. IRS issue correction for error in the instructions for Box 6 of the 1098, Mortgage Interest Statement, Copy B. No mandatory use date set.  1098-1 attached to reflect June, 2016 revision date. 1098-2 also attached but its fine.


7. Stacking Sheet:  updated 3555-21.

Forthcoming Changes.

Yesterday, Fannie and Freddie announced a 6/16 revision to most (some Freddie ARMS are do not contain this authorized change)  ARM notes and Riders since the FHA and VA are based on the Fannie/Freddie's we may have changes for those as well.  They now require the interest rate floor not to be less than zero or the margin rate.  Hundreds of pages impacted.  This is mandatory 10/1/16 so there very little lead time. 

May 2016

1.  Notice to Homeowners-Assumptions,  Form 524.  Sample form changed in FHA Handbook to June 2015 version minor text changes primarily the term Lender replaced by Mortgagee and Borrower replaced Buyer.  Form attached no change to data.


2.  NC Bond conditional Commitment  MCC- Form NC012 updated 3- 2016. 

3.  FHA Warranty of Completion of Construction - Form 92544 - OMB date update only.

4. FHA Loan Underwriting and Transmittal Summary - Form 92900LT - OMB date update only.

5. VA Guaranty and Assumption Policy Rider, VA has new Handbook the policy language has changed somewhat in new Handbook but nothing of substance beside a regulatory reference from 38 USC 3739 (b) to 38 USC 3729 (c) , that reference we changed.    

1.  Notice to Homeowners-Assumptions,  Form 524.  Sample form changed in FHA Handbook to June 2015 version minor text changes primarily the term Lender replaced by Mortgagee and Borrower replaced Buyer.  Form attached no change to data.

2.  NC Bond conditional Commitment  MCC- Form NC012 updated 3- 2016.

3.  FHA Warranty of Completion of Construction - Form 92544 - OMB date update only.


4. FHA Loan Underwriting and Transmittal Summary - Form 92900LT - OMB date update only.


5. VA Guaranty and Assumption Policy Rider, VA has new Handbook the policy language has changed somewhat in new Handbook but nothing of substance beside a regulatory reference from 38 USC 3739 (b) to 38 USC 3729 (c) , that reference we changed.   

April 2016
1. Revisions

a. 203k Worksheets, the four updated worksheets dated 4/1/2016 attached. 

b.  Termite Report s NPCA 99a - OMB update, text only changes.

2. New Forms added: 

a. Condo checklists- these are not mandatory but they are numbered forms so we added them so the lenders can pull them and send to the HOA.Fannie Form 1077, 1076.

b.  Florida Lock in Agreement:  Added new to inventory. 

c. Illinois Signed Doc Disclosure-Added new to inventory.

3. Obsolete Forms (mostly due to state law co-ordination with TRID):

a. SS03ID Idaho Rate Lock in - change in Admin Code

b. SS01ID  Idaho Prepayment Penalty Disclosure - change in Admin Code

c. SS09CO Colorado Lock in Disclosure - revised statute
Pennsylvania New Security Instrument Language and New state specific notes: 


3900PA - Second Note

G3501PA- Conv. PA ARM note 5/1

G3502PA- Conv PA ARM Note 5/2

G3239PA- Conv PA Fixed rate note

No other Fannie Freddies yet still waiting for instructions for a dozen more notes)

G3201PA - VA PA note


GVAONE - VA ARM Note 5/1


g3039 - PA Conv Mortgage,

g3039W - Washington County PA Conventional Mortgage

mg3039 -MERS PA Mortgage

mg3039w- MERS Washington Co PA Mortgage

mgv3039- VA MERS PA Mortgage

MGV3039 - VA MERS Wash. Cnty. Mortgage

gv3039 - VA PA Mortgage

gv3039w - VA Wash. Cnty. Mortgage

FHM3039w- FHA MERS Wash. County Mortgage

FHM3039 - FHA MERS PA Mortgage

FH3039 - FHA PA Mortgage

FH3039W - FHA Washington County Mortgage

S3839 - Second Mortgage PA

MSW3839 - MERS Second Mortgage Washington County

MS3839 - MERS Second PA

SW3839- Second Mortgage- Washington County


March 2016


 1. 92541 HUD Builder Certification updated to 3/16 version, minor tweaks.  Effective immediately.

 2. 92900A HUD addendum to URLA, revision released last week,  Mandatory 8/1/2016. 
 3. 203K worksheets.  Yet another revision new calculations and text but not a revamping as we have had for these worksheets, effective when released 3/4/16.

1. Request for Single Family Home Guarantee, 3555-21. all 7 pagesinitial prompts were removed by USDA.  The revision date only changed on the first page the others still have the 12/14 date! 



 1. Loan Summary - SFH117, updated to 3/16 version and effective immediately.



1. New Form added upon request. - Fannie Mae 1019 Non Borrower income worksheet - added for new Home Ready Product.

State Specific Disclosures 

1.  SS08MD, Maryland First Time HomeBuyer Affidavit  added o inventory

 2.  SS02VA - Virginia Notification of Terms, mandatory disclosure requirement change the lock information deleted.


URLA  1003
 The long awaiting Uniform Residential Loan Application form 1003  revisions released in August and are mandantory 1/18.  Its a interactive and greatly expanded form. WE will deliver to MortageBuilder this month. Delivered along with the the Demographic Addendum which may be used with the current 1003 replacing the Govement Monitoring Section X.  CFPB has given this safe harbor status for ECOA and is aligned with HMDA, may be used in 2017.  Fannie and Freddie pulled the revision date of 1/18 and its pending as some may wish to use the new URLA 1003/65 earlier and some later.  
Fannie and Freddie released a mandatory change for some notes and the security instruments  effective this summer.  This change is a result of a PA law change and impacts the last non uniform covenant in the Mortgage and adds new language to the mortgage notes thus creating a state specific note version that heretofore did not exist for Pennsylvania loans.
Because the multi-state note is no longer acceptable for PA loans we are waiting for the instructions referred to as "Authorized Changes" for Notes. For example, 3 years ARMS, LIBOR indexed ARMS have no state specific versions, Fannie and Freddie typically address their state specific requirements in their authorized change instructions but they are silent
regarding Pennsylvania. 
Neither Fannie or Freddie have yet responded to our inquiries about the lack of authorized change instructions for PA therefore we are reluctant to release any these changes until consistency between PA notes is is addressed by FNMA and/or FHLMC.   We will keep you posted.
We finally got authorization from Fannie Mae in June!
FFHA announced that all suspensions for loans with missing paragraphs will be released.  
What happened was there is a conflict between the instructions on how to build the new
security instruments and the language regarding these documents found new Single Family
Handbook and the model docs. 
This resulted in missing paragraphs for those who followed the instructions exactly although
the conflict information was problematic and obvious.  It did not help that FHA did properly address vendor or lender questions about this conflict  and when they did respond they referred the questions to contact "your DE underwriter"?!
As a result these documents are in need of revision or at the very least the erroneous
instructions need changing.  No word when this conflicting information will be addressed.
The good news is the HUD won't suspend the loan because of it.  3/2/2016
New Changes to the HUD Handbook announced updated to the Single Family Handbook last week.  
Section 11.A.7.B.IV was changed to remove the references to the paragraphs that have been obsoleted. 
So following the instructions and model forms is the proper course of action.  FFS forms are fine. 3/21/2016.

If you have any questions or comments contact us at:

COME back soon for more updates

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